Sanctioning Fee Schedule




  General Sanctioning Fee Schedule



In order that a championship contest to gets an Officially Sanctioned by the WPBF/ USBC, the Promoter must comply with the following requirements:


        A.  A Formal Written Request (WPBF Championship Application Form and/or USBC Championship Application Form) must be submit to the WPBF,but no later than Thirty (30) days prior to the scheduled date of the bout.


        B.  Due to the dynamic nature of the COVID-19 pandemic situation around the world, in order to ensure successful championship belt delivery before the weighing ceremony. The payment of the sanction fees must be paid no later than Twenty (20) days prior to the event, so that we have sufficient time to deliver the championship belt to you.


All fees below are established in conjunction with all championship contests sanctioned by the WPBF/USBC. All fees below are includes championship belt and shipping costs, but do not includes fees, travel and lodging for the Officials.



       Sanction Fee:                                      US$ 3,000.00  
       Supervisor Stipend:                          US$ 700.00
       Referee:                                               US$ 600.00 
       Judges:                                                 US$ 500.00 Each
       Championship Belt:                            US$ 750.00


        Sanction Fee:                                     US$ 2,000.00  
        Supervisor Stipend:                          US$ 600.00
        Referee:                                              US$ 500.00
        Judges:                                                US$ 400.00 Each
        Championship Belt:                            US$ 750.00


        Sanction Fee:                                      US$ 2,000.00  
        Supervisor Stipend:                           US$ 500.00
        Referee:                                               US$ 400.00
        Judges:                                                 US$ 300.00 Each
        Championship Belt:                            US$ 750.00


        Sanction Fee:                                       US$ 1,500.00  
        Supervisor Stipend:                            US$ 500.00
        Referee:                                                US$ 400.00
        Judges:                                                  US$ 300.00 Each
        Championship Belt:                             US$ 750.00

       CONTINENTAL TITLE (Africa, Asia-Pacific, South America, North America)
        Sanction Fee:                                       US$ 1000.00  
        Supervisor Stipend:                            US$ 400.00
        Referee:                                                US$ 300.00
        Judges:                                                  US$ 200.00 Each
        Championship Belt:                              US$ 600.00


        Sanction Fee:                                        US$ 1,000.00  
        Supervisor Stipend:                             US$ 400.00
        Referee:                                                 US$ 300.00
        Judges:                                                   US$ 200.00 Each
        Championship Belt:                              US$ 650.00


        U.S.B.C. TITLE 
        Sanction Fee:                                         US$ 1,000.00  
        Supervisor Stipend:                             US$ 400.00
        Referee:                                                  US$ 300.00
        Judges:                                                    US$ 200.00 Each
        Championship Belt:                               US$ 750.00