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Tony Wants To Make YOU The Next Big Fight Promoter!

Getting in the fight game just got simple. All the knowledge and experience from all the Major Vegas Fight Promoters is now available to You!


FightTown Millionaires: The First Secret

Tony opens up the Fight Promoter Series with a heart pounding bang! FightTown Millionaires explores the Cold Hard Cash aspect of fight sports, and more specifically, your bottom line and life line: Profit! Starting with your initial plan to become a fight promoter, Tony covers everything from choosing a venue, covering your costs, and how much cash a Sold-Out crowd will generate. From 500 seats to Vegas PPV fights, it¡¯s all covered inside!


The Official Fight Promoter Playbook

Simply referred to as ¡®The Fight Promoters Bible¡±, Tony Shultz opens up the fight game for you like no one ever has before. This book provides all the vital information, forms, samples, strategies, concepts, seating charts, budgets, venue contracts, operational outlines, sponsor proposals, and much more, that you'll need to put on your fight events. This is the real deal, once you have this in your hands, you'll be ready to start your promotions empire!


How To Make $1 Million By Becoming A Fight Promoter

It¡¯s time for action! Plain and simple: You need a plan. What¡¯s your plan? Tony Shultz uses this book to give you easy, simple to implement, step-by-step instructions to guide you to your perfect plan. No more guess work, no more hoping and wishing, your plan is right here. Inside you will find every strategy, tactic, and secret necessary to SELL-OUT each fight event you promote, and build a Million Dollar income along the way.


Promote Like A Boss

What separates extremely successful people from the average person? Mindset! In 'Promote Like A Boss', Tony Shultz lets you in on secrets about how you can take your fight promotions company, and position it as a dominating player in the fight game using nothing more than the proper mindset. From PR, to Marketing, to the easy way to get celebrities to your fight events, it's time for you to make yourself known to the world.


Building A Fight Empire

This is it, the final (and potentially most potent) book in the Fight Promoter Series. Tony Shultz leaves no stone unturned in his hard-hitting conclusion!Tony wrote this book for the most serious fight promoters, and it shows through every gripping pageIf you're looking to learn the ways of the Masters, this is your source book, your map to ultimate success. The information contained in these pages will change how you view the fight game, and business forever. Direct, to the point, and demanding of your full commitment. This book isn't for the faint of heart. But if you can handle it, you'll be known Worldwide for Your Fight Empire.


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