Official Circulars

Namus-Munoz a No Contest

By WPBF-USBC, March 22, 2011


The World Professional Boxing Federation (WPBF) president David Young has announced that the WPBF Executive Committee approved by a majority of votes to declare a No Contest on March 19th the WPBF female light welterweight title bout in Montevideo, Uruguay, between Uruguayan Chris Namus (14-1,6 KOs) and Spanish Loly Munoz ( 9-8-1 ,6 KOs) after a very controversial majority decision won by the local boxer Chris Namus.


The two reasons WPBF E.C. made this decision in order to prevent and against unfair and unsportsmanlike conduct and to maintain a good image and reputation of boxing sport.


1. The last round was only of 1 minute 28 seconds stopped by mistake of the local timekeeper, it's a rather unusual situation. In any case, the bout has violated the WPBF stipulated duration of 10 x 2-minute rounds for the female title bout. Wherefore, originally result of Chris Namus won a 10-round majority decision over Loli Munoz was declared null and void.


2. For an extremely close fight which divided the opinions of the media and fans. The WPBF Executive Committee unanimously resolved to endorse the immediate rematch between Uruguayan Chris Namus and Spanish Loly Munoz.